Primates - Lesser Bushbaby (Nagapie)


Lesser Bushbaby (Nagapie)

Galago moholi

Lesser Bushbabies prefer wooded areas. Bushbabies are adorable in appearance with their long, furry tail, large expressive eyes, cute ears and soft, light grey wooly fur.

Lesser bushbabies weigh approximately 150 grams. They are extremely agile leapers despite their small size and their hind feet are adapted to grasp branches while the tail is used to maintain balance. On the ground their leaps look very much like the hopping of a kangaroo.

With their large eyes lesser bushbabies have great night vision. They mainly eat the resins and gums found on various trees, but they do occasionally feast on berries and fruit. Insects and bird eggs often make up part of the lesser bushbaby's diet.

They are very vocal primates and have a wide variety of calls.

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